The fiscal memory programming should be made by the manufacturer or by authorized service! Each row consist 11 fields. Causes an accumulation of the selected PLU into the customer bill. Put the ECR on a place which able suitable work and which able both to the customer and to the operator to see the information displayed. After finishing the report for initial item is set the first item with greater PLU code and non-zero turnover. Click here to sign up.

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Annuls any error, caused by function key pressing.

All important instructions are given in order to prepare dp-50e ECR for operation, for its correct usage and maintenance. Access to the mode s which requires password: Don’t have an account? This is the key. P, 1 – programming of items and main parameters P, 2 – programming of specific parameters tax groups parameters and the identification number of the tax obligated person -BULSTAT P, 3 – Setting up the fiscal memory in use 1 In order to access the mode “Programming” from the ‘OFF’ state press key 4.

Drivers and applications

It is recommended when the PLU-code of an item is programmed, the value programmed to be datscs to the row number of Table 1 in which the parameters of that item are stored. The key is used for 3 types of payment. In order to cancel a sale which is not the last made deep voidin an open receipt dattecs following keys should be consecutively pressed: If the price programmed is zero or any of the item parameters is not allowable – for example the tax group the operation will be refused and on the display an error message “C” appears, and sound alarm is produced.

  A135 S4656 DRIVER

The turnovers of the items and item groups are cleared. Causes an accumulation of the selected PLU into the customer bill. Detailed report of the fiscal memory for period determined by date to dp-5d.

Datecs DP-50 User Manual

Accessing the row with number “N”. When the field 7 of table 2 is set to 1, the turnovers and quantities of items, departments and item groups are also cleared.

The passwords usage is disabled 1: First is entered the amount, which the customer gave. Dtaecs and clearing the electronic journal.

Cash register Datecs DP –

Check our About page if you are curious to know how we came to be the innovating company we are today. When this table is programmed on the upper display row are shown the first 16 characters from the item name, stored on the current table row. Print a number Default: The information of each field can be shown xatecs two modes – field address or field value.

If before pressing the key TOTAL an integer value n is entered, the report includes information for only n items with non-zero turnover. The sale is also not possible if the field “Tax group’ has value 0.


For this purpose a X or Z mode must be accessed according the written above. Enter the price; Note: Press key in order to move on the field 1. On the left upper display corner the letter ‘R’ appears and the operator is invited to enter dqtecs password. Datecs uses battery cells from Samsung which guaranties long life of the device.

The key CRD is pressed.

Datecs DPD Manuals

The position of the decimal point always is fixed and can not be programmed when the price field is changed. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In order to program datces price move to the next field by pressing the key ; 9.

It is not allowed an item to be sold, if the price is zero. For the other item parameters programming is allowed any moment only for the items with zero turnover.

Programming the name and the price of an item 1.