This same query has already been posted here: Please please fix in both. The Pro version simply does not handle very high end 1, to 5, audio cards with multiple input and output audio streams. Mar 28, 1: How do I change my sound preferences? Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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Optimizes the sound quality.

We have Logmein central, and with Logmein free model it was perfect. Please please fix in both. I had to reinstall LogMeIn and go through the steps of setting up a trial before I was able to get to the “Uninstaller. Review the following suggestions to troubleshoot a variety of audio issues. I am also using the Android app and this suffers much the same problem and the option in the settings menu doesn’t really make sense.

Thanks Apple Support Community! I’m sure this has made for quite a few startling and eerie events when people unknowingly soun sound soujd far away host computers.

Modify your sound preferences Click the Sound button in the upper right-hand corner of the Viewer window. I don’t need remote sound, they are headless units logein as media stores on my network. One possible solution would be a checkbox in preferences to enable remote sound, with one next to it to enable host sound.


LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer! | MacRumors Forums

Is there any movement in resolving this issue? Use High Quality Sound: I’m thinking of putting a disclaimer on anytime audio is disrupted to note: Thanks for your very specific suggestions.

I spent trying to find where the option to disable it was Newer versions of GoToMyPC work with a wide variety of sound card types, but there may be a few compatibility issues:.

I’m having the same issue wound getting nowhere with the normal support channels. In rare cases GoToMyPC cannot detect the loopback input correctly and, therefore, cannot test the sound output.

I have a base computer that is the origin of my Internet radio station. I’m having trouble in that on my G5 Xserves, I get pop-ups saying that the. In short, You disable remote sound by muting the LMI viewer.

Solved: Disable Sound Streaming – LogMeIn Community

If you are listening to music from your host PC, be sure to stop the music before disconnecting your session. I agree that soudn option belongs to the Preferences tab.


Unfortunately, the change is just not at a ‘low enough level’ in the Pro version to work. You were right on. If your host computer’s Wave output is set to percent, sound quality may suffer.

Adjustments to your in-session ddisable settings can be made directly from the Viewer window or in your GoToMyPC preferences. But finally this one did. Ever since i did this, when i log in to the computer Logmein no longer takes control of the audio. Select this option if you intend to listen to music.

LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

In my opinion, this is a great feature turned into a bad design. From the Sound tab, modify your sound settings as desired and click OK.

For help with these problems, contact Global Customer Support. This looks to be a reoccurring theme – Ill be closing my account with Logmein if this cannot be fixed.