Livingston Livingston Portmaster 3 Telnet! If so, indeed, not only residential customers should better firewall their devices, but as well should corporations including Cleverbridge and other e-commerce platforms protecting commercial accounts. Asante FM Telnet superuser none Admin. Ricoh Aficio APC 2. Minolta QMS Magicolor 3. Intel Shiva Multi root none Admin. Efficient Networks Speedstream Teledanmark version only.

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Pentaoffice Sat Router Telnet none pento Admin.

What is Misfortune Cookie? List of Vulnerable Routers

Zyxel ES Multi admin Admin. Intel Wireless AP 2.

Polycom ViewStation 3. BinTec x Multi admin bintec Admin.

Modem Driver Download

Nortel Meridian CCR Multi disttech 4tas engineer account enter sg1-500 of day from yesterday an tomorrow for Tuesday enter MonWed case sensitive — may be twice to see root password in clear. Ricoh Aficio APC 2. Digicom Michelangelo Multi user password User. However, this is not much practical as many vendors have not created patches as yet, though the vulnerability is present from or prior. Netgear MR Multi admin Admin. Ambit Cable Modem eu 1.


Netgear WG Firmware Version 1.

Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability: Is your Router affected?

Ascend Yurie Multi readonly lucenttech2. The Misfortune Cookie allows any intruder to take over any network easily by using the vulnerability. IBM switch Telnet admin none Admin. Celerity Mediator Multi Multi mediator mediator User.

In simple words, since it the vulnerability is based on a HTTP cookie and brings misfortune to the device owner, it is named Misfortune cookie in lines of fortune cookies.

Citel Handset Gateway Telnet none citel Admin.

The above is not a comprehensive list of affected devices. Netscreen Firewall multi netscreen netscreen Admin. Home Station DC Cisco Ciso Aironet series Rev.

VxWorks misc Multi admin admin Admin. Intermec Mobile LAN 5.

Westell Wirespeed Multi admin password Admin also try password: Digicom Michelangelo Multi admin michelangelo Admin. Davox Unison Multi davox davox User. Xerox WorkCentre Multi x-admin Admin.

Adsl-password – Pc / Mac / Cep Tel./Network / Camera Sistem Çözümleri

Gericom Phoenix Multi Administrator none Admin. Team Xodus XeniumOS 2.


Cisco Content Engine Telnet admin default Admin. Checkpoint asks you to use an exceptionally good firewall that may reduce your chances of being compromised. Siemens Hipath Custom program Admin. Tellabs Titan FP 6. Radware Linkproof ssh lp lp Admin.