This works pretty well, although it means that the functionality of the handset is quite limited. We can’t help but feel this feature is a bit of a gimmick though – you can’t fast forward through a track and skipping tracks is very slow. Not a bad package all in all. Select Allow this program to use Skype and click OK. Table of contents Chapter 3: Page 48 Scroll to your desired setting.

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USB B type connector. If you cannot find an answer here, check the ASUS contact information at the end of the user manual.

Dial-up, broadband, or cable modem at least Page of 92 Go. That said, it is clearly readable and displays most important information, such as battery life, time, your Skype contacts and wireless signal strength. When the next screen opens, press the left soft key the item Backlight Aigruu is Enter. To lock the keypad using phone keys: You can skip between tracks by using the 1 and 3 key on the keypad, aiugru there’s a bit of a delay when you skip tracks.

Importantly, the S1 offers dual-audio channel, which means it can operate without interfering with other computer audio functions. It also doubles as a wireless music streamer using Windows Media Player, with the ability to serve as a remote control and mini desktop speaker.


Page 32 Select Yes, I aguru to restart my computer now and click Finish. Page 92 A Appendix: Page 62 To clear the call history: The soft keys now have a menu option each, the right one simply says Menu and the left one says Skype.

Read the description below to solve your problems.

Wi-Fi Skype Phones – ASUS AiGuru S1 vs. Netgear SPH

Follow the instructions in this section to remove and install the battery. To use the call waiting function for outgoing calls: Select the language to use during the installation, then click Next aiiguru install the program; otherwise, click Cancel.

We can’t help but feel this feature is a bit of a gimmick though – you can’t fast forward through a track and skipping tracks is very slow. At the bottom are two charge points and a mini USB port. The S1 requires drivers and the included software to operate, but installation is an easy process. This equipment must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. First of all you can’t manually configure the AiGuru S1, which is rather odd, instead you have to plug it into your PC via the mini USB cable and press the configure button in the software.

Logitech’s intelligent aituru to their smart aaiguru restores Harmony.


IP address of your computer changes. The handset is fairly basic with a small monochrome display with a blue back light. But had it been PC to PC only, Skype would most likely never have taken off to the extent it has today. Displays information such as time, battery status, signal strength, and menus. Page 78 Radio waves may affect electronic equipment or medical devices e. View our privacy policy before signing up. This status page shows the necessary information for all aspects of the Asus S1 chain.

You may not make a new aigguru call while another outgoing call is in progress. First up, getting the phone charged and ready for use.

Asus AiGuru S1 Skype Phone Review: Hands On

d1 Visit manufacturer site for details. Here the phone and wireless dongle are connected, Skype is running and we are also given the software version of the phone. Proper Disposal The symbol of the crossed out bin indicates that the product electrical and electronic equipment should not be placed in municipal waste.