Auto Wah; normalizer; distortion; echo; parametric equalizer; flanger; frequency shifter; pitch shifter; ring modulator; vocal morphing. See the next page to find out more about this new standard. The differences could be the result of software efficiencies, or lack thereof. Recording options are all grouped into this tab. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

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It is small, light-weight and doesn’t look half bad either. But will it pe Also note that you can save several series of settings, which can be useful if you use the card regularly for repetitive tasks. Performance RightMark 3Dsound 1. There is a menu to adjust the size of the DMA buffer, from 1 to 15 milliseconds.

Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS Review – Benchmarks – Games

But the SB does not stop there. Creative Labs has been a powerhouse force in the world of PC audio ever since there was such a concept as PC audio. This is quite effective and avoids the need to process envy42 the software. The graphs speak for themselves and require no further explanation. It is small, light-weight and doesn’t look half bad either. With the DMX 6Fire and the Audigy Platinum, the user has a wide range of possibilities and multimedia capabilities that the more specialized cards don’t offer.


Western Digital 40 GB.

Problems with VIA ENVY24 Chipset

Check your sampling rate and be a happy Music Creator! And the fun thing is.

But will it pe I’ve poked around a little bit and I’ve seen the Envy24 chipset mentioned a few times, so I’m guessing that’s not my problem. Essentials Only Full Version.

The only drawback with this system, which helps to overcome the constraints of the General MIdI banks, is that you have to remember which are the right SoundFonts if you want to reproduce a piece of sound. Auto Wah; normalizer; distortion; echo; parametric equalizer; flanger; frequency creatve pitch shifter; ring modulator; vocal morphing. Drive GB hard drive based on Western Digital mechanics.

Differences between the two Envy24 powered cards are more interesting.

So don’t expect maximum output from FireWire on the Creative system. The results obtained with the Audigy Platinum may differ slightly from those of our earlier Platinum eX tests. Jonba Max Output Level: But I can tell you it does make a very nice difference over the traditional 5. The second test dealt with the level of noise and interference, especially measuring the background noise of the card and indicating the sensitivity of the card to various forms of interference that arise near computers: When Creative unleashed the original Audigy series, we were left somewhat unimpressed and slightly agitated.


Roughly frames were averaged for each of three runs for each card.

WinXP ASIO support for VIA ENVY24 HT-S?

Creative Labs also plans to adapt the SB to future devices, such crestive the Jukebox or an external burner. It’s based exactly on Music Creator, which I own as well.

Sorry to hear that Jonba. I’d tried bit mode for both the driver and the output file, and at that frequency. IC Ensemble Env2y4 Note that the Audigy Platinum supports EAX Advanced HP, but, apart from the demos supplied by the manufacturer, there was no game to test how efficient it really was in this respect.

The card comes with the following: The frame rate limit was about FPS.