And I never thought anything like that would work for me. Once I left it off for awhile and booted up again, had the same problems again and this method no longer works. It was a miracle cure! Can I disassemble the screen and clean the smeared spot? Remove the LCD panel.

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How to replace screen on HP Pavilion dv2000

You have good chances that your webcam is still good. The screen lights up but looks cracked just like the first picture you showed but a bit worse. Which part the problem can be from? Apparently there is a faulty joint somewhere on the LCD dvv2000 board.

KennyR – Nov 21, at I was worried and thinking my laptop was ruined, it worked perfect! Anas – Oct 23, at What could be the trouble? Thank you tradwinds for your post. Originally Posted by Kari OK. Add comment users have said thank you to us this month.


You said you replaced the cracked screen.

If yes, you have a faulty LCD screen. I have never repaired a laptop before, and monittor posting really made it simple and assured me in making the fix possible.

HP DV2000 Screens

December 5th, 9. The manual also has disassembly instructions.

Also, despite what you and other ‘youngsters’ might think, notebooks and cv2000 today are designed to be connected to older CRT displays. The system is halted. I just have one problem now Is that trivial, or should I get a new screen? H – Jul 15, at It has never worked. Hi, I replaced the screen per your instructions but when I turned it on, there was a blue line on the left side, that went away when I powered down and redid everything to make sure connections were good.

This page was last updated: I found this forum through a Google search in a mere 5 seconds and this particular answer in under 60 seconds.


Wow thanks so much, it really worked! Sounds like the LCD screen failure to me.

I too cannot get the bezel back on. I read that if you unpluge and remove the battery then hold down the power button for seconds. We have tried this on hundreds of notebooks.

My laptop was completely dead and now it’s working again. Most likely the new screen has a similar backlight lamp with different connectors.

HP Pavilion DV display problem – Windows 7 Help Forums

The power jack is attached to the harness which can be unplugged from the motherboard. Dell screens are different to normal panels. I also found your instructions on how to replace d2v000 broken screen.