BinTec x Multi admin bintec Admin. Inventel Livebox Multi admin admin Admin. However, I do not understand how a firewall would prevent an intruder if he or she has already compromised your network gateway router. Digicom Michelangelo Multi admin michelangelo Admin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hope this helps, looking forward to see if anyone else can help with this one. There is not much you can do on your own.

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Intel Shiva Multi root none Admin.

Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability: Is your Router affected?

Nortel Business Communications Manager 3. Mikrotik Mikrotik Telnet admin none Admin. Lucent CBX Multi any 3 characters cascade.

Netopia Multi admin noway Admin. Wanadoo Livebox Multi admin admin Admin. Alcatel Timestep VPN 3. Inventel Livebox Multi admin admin Admin.

What is Misfortune Cookie? List of Vulnerable Routers

There are no other methods to identify if you have been affected. Home Station DC Checkpoint asks you to use an exceptionally good firewall that may reduce your chances of being compromised.


December 30, at 7: The above is not a comprehensive list of affected devices. Intermec Mobile LAN 5. Davox Unison Multi admin admin User. SMC smcwbrb Multi none smcadmin Admin. Wyse winterm Multi root none Admin.

The Misfortune cookie has affected many routers or other type of gateways that contain a certain type of software. In short, you have to wait a little longer to get a patch from your vendor. Efficient Networks Speedstream Teledanmark version only.

Davox Unison Multi davox davox User. If that actually is the case, certainly a good firewall also having self-protection against knockout is a good idea to wirepess devices secure even if breached at router; CheckPoint recommends the paid version of Zone Alarm, but a well-tweaked install of the firewall component of free Comodo CIS8 could work just as well perhaps even free Privatefirewall, not certain that one. Milan mil-smp Multi root root Admin.

Bintec Bianka Routers Multi admin bintec Admin. Netgear MR Multi admin Admin. Benq awl wireless router 1. Until a patch is available, turn on both the router firewall while having a software firewall as well.


Linksys rv Multi admin none Admin. Allied Telesyn Multi manager friend Admin.

Everrst Fortigate Console maintainer admin Admin. Nortel Remote Office Client admin root Admin. Funk Software Steel Belted Radius 3. Is your Router affected? Signamax S Multi admin admin Admin Switch.

JDS Microprocessing Hydra r2. Alteon ACEDirector3 console admin none. F5 Bigip Multi root default Admin.