You are a photo collector: The lacks this, so it is only possible to charge through the main USB sync cable. Moments you want to share. An outlandish price for bargain-basement hardware. Payment All transactions should be paid for through eBay using PayPal as it is our preferred method of receiving payment. I have two sets of tests that I put the though—subjective, meaning that I assess how fast the unit feels , and objective, which is a complete workup of benchmarks. However, I noticed that file transfers to and from my SD memory card felt noticibly slower than on the Axim X30, which also sports a 4-bit slot.

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The only integrated connectivity options are an infrared or cable connection to a desktop or phone. No doubt the processor rearing its head. Even the name seems to reflect this.

Not a hard thing to do when it lacks any actual features. The sides are totally plain, as is the back, except for the usual sticker giving regulatory complience information. Pros Makes a great way to identify stupid rich people Cons Unreasonable price Cheap contruction No wireless Little memory Non-replacable battery Lackluster processor.

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HP iPAQ rz Pocket PC Information Review

Now with both portrait and landscape viewing modes. The basic WiFi card works, but that leaves no option for expanding your already scarce memory.


Let the games begin Standard Microsoft games ippaq. It rz115 be pressed with the very pointy tip of the default stylus, but most third-party styluses would be too large to do so. Forget video, forget most games, forget serious multitasking, or anything resource-demaning. Most of the benchmark index names are self-explainatory, but it should be noted that the main index is an overall account of how fast the Ipwq is, and the Platform index is a measurement of how fast the OS is.

And for the same or a little more than theyou could get a high-end X30 that is much faster than the in addition to everything else. Now it is easy to enjoy and share your photos and music when you want The HP iPAQ rz Mobile Media Companion, powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile software, makes it easy to view and share your memories with kpaq and family.

Inside the box is a very basic subset of accessories: Your satisfaction is our 1 goal! We do not have means to reimburse already-purchased postage or cover return shipping in any other manner.

They work very hard to get quality products to you quickly. The comes in on the lowest end of the scale in size and weight.

The remaining 15 MB then has to be split up between running programs and storage, leaving about 8 MB for each. However, I noticed that file transfers bp and from my SD memory card felt noticibly slower than on the Axim X30, which also sports a 4-bit slot.

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HP iPaq rz1715 Review

It has neither WiFi nor Bluetooth wireless technologies, highly unusual for a machine in its price range. You are a gamer: The stylus is wedged pretty tightly in the slot. The main application buttons and directional pad are cheap, but servicable. We do have the ability to cover return shipping in some instances at the discretion of rs1715 support team if you’re able to print a label.

Then, select your country from the drop-down box, enter in your zip code if applicable and click “Get Rates”. Our support team is solely email-based and they respond to each email within 1 business day. I have two sets rz7115 tests that I put the though—subjective, meaning that I assess how fast the unit feelsand objective, which is a complete workup of benchmarks. Microphone quality is about par as well, and maximum range is a normal feet. Existing iPaq foldable keyboards will work with h rz, and HP plans on marketing a snap-on thumb keyboard starting in August.

The first of these is limited in scale, since IR ports are increasingly rare, being replaced by more advanced wireless technologies.

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